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Mars Scale Corp.
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Analytical and Laboratory Balances

Mars Scales is a manufacturer of Balances, Precision Balances, Digital Balances, Weighing Scales, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Load Cells, Weight Indicators and Custom Weighing Systems for wide range of weighing applications in the Laboratory, Industrial and Educational markets.
Mars Scales also markets Analytical and Laboratory Balances, Crane Scales, Counting Scales, Retail Price Computing Scales from other manufacturers.
Mars Scales offers Digital Balances in capacities from 100g up to 10kg/22lb.
All our Balances and Scales are high quality, heavy duty, reliable and at low cost. Most orders shipped within 24 hours.


Analytical Balances
Picture #1

Analytical Balances
Picture #2

Analytical Balances
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  • Capacities from 320g up to 6200g with graduations 0.001g; 0.01g and 0.1g
  • Durable Construction With Stainless Steel Platter
  • Red LED display
  • Stability indicator
  • Weighing units conversion through the keypad
  • Auto-zero tracking
  • Overload and underload indication
  • Auto calibration from keypad
  • Tare range to capacity by subtraction


Bench Scales
Bench Scales

Floor Scales
Floor Scales

Crane Scales
Crane Scales

Counting Scales
Counting Scales

Load Cells
Load Cells

Models: HK
320AB 1200A 3200A 3200B 6200B
320 1200 3200 3200 6200
0.001 0.01 0.01 0.1 0.1
Picture #
1 2 3
g, ct, oz
g, ct, oz, lb
Cal. Weight
200g 1000g 2000g 2000g 5000g
AC/DC Adapter 7.5 VDC 1000mA or 9VDC 300mA (supplied with the scale)
Platter Size
Diam 3 1/4"
(8.2 cm)
Diam 5" (13 cm) 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" (16 x 16cm)
5°C - 40°C (41°F - 104°F)
Ship. Weight
Approx. 6.5 lb / 3 kg
One year limited warranty
*Price and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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